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MovingwiththeBreath Yoga and Pilates is run by Debra, an internationally recognized expert in the Pilates method and trained in Yoga by the British Wheel of Yoga. MovingwiththeBreath offers a number of Pilates and Yoga classes including private lessons and several unique workshops and retreats.

I believe in integrating movement into our lives on a daily basis and aspiring to higher levels of fitness and relaxation for a greater quality of life.

My vast experience means that I can help people on a remedial level working on a one to one basis or small groups. Although I have been helping people with remedial issues for many years on a one to one basis, I recently undertook a very challenging course “Yoga for Healing” which looked at ways to help people who are recovering from illness, such as Cancer, MS, Back Surgery etc

My goal at MovingwiththeBreath is to carry on the principles of Pilates and Yoga and by incorporating these principles help you achieve your movement goal, whether it is rehabilitative, supportive, or elite, or just a less stressful life.


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After a lifetime of sport as an enthusiast and participant, I finally retired from my 35 year career as a Physical Education Teacher in July 2008. My body had suffered as a result of playing competitive football, basketball and tennis, as well as competing in 25 half marathons. Aching joints, tight muscles, a torn calf, thigh, and I lacked flexibility and felt a physical wreck as a result.

I began to attend two of Debra’s classes, Pilates and Yoga and I noticed improvement in my posture, flexibility and general well-being, almost immediately. My daily aches and pains seemed to disappear and I became much more aware of my movements, my inner-self and my general body awareness.

I have found Debra to be an outstanding teacher, her subject knowledge and her teaching style make all her sessions challenging, informative and stimulating. Her positive encouragement, her awareness of each student’s individual ability levels and needs, her confident, caring and natural manner, all contribute to make every session a pleasure to be able to experience.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found someone that can help to further my physical and mental well-being and I hope to be guided and instructed by her for many years to come.

B C Moore