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Yoga to Mandala Art

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Mindfuless and Compassion one to one training 

' Constructing a mandala allows us to make the invisible visible by actively illuminating the essential nature of our being '.

This workshop will take us on an inspiring journey from exercise to meditation, using natural elements of life such as stone, shells and flowers, following our patterns of creative energy. This guided session will enable you to develop your individual creativity through self-expression, so that people with all levels of experience will be able to participate.

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WHEN : Mindfuless and Compassion one to one training
WHERE : Venue in West Bridgford
COST : Contact Debs 07768554848 to discuss course
Guides for the day :

Here are some comments from a previous workshop:

You created a space that was both relaxing and absorbing, with a chance to practice new movement and art skills in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere.

…not being the slightest bit arty, to draw something that had a great significance to where I currently am in life, was thought provoking, emotional and a really good therapy.




The meditation sequence and the relaxation phase of the yoga were excellent.

It was good to try something new and break the routine.




Please contact us for information regarding payment